You BLEED PROFITS When You Ignore Job Costing…

Job costing is a hassle! I get it, I’ve heard that a thousand times…

Maybe you see job costing as being “too much work” so you skip it altogether to save yourself some time.

…But what if I told you there is a simpler and faster approach to job costing, that can ADD 5-10% MORE PROFIT, to your bottom line, nearly overnight.

I’ve worked with hundreds of contractors over the years who have done just that!

What’s the secret?

My special guest, Diane Gilson, from Info Plus Accounting lays it out in this week’s video.

You’ll discover exactly how job costing makes you more money and how to start implementing her proven job costing system into your business right now.

Diane provides direct links to some great information to help you get started, so watch the short video now.

Here are the powerful resources Diane talks about in this interview:

Construction Accounting Management System (CAMP)

Self-Assess Your Profitability tool