You decide

You Decide

The post below from Seth Godin stopped me in my tracks when I read it.  I recognized myself in his words.  I see how there have been times in the past when in an attempt to be a “yes” for customers I’ve allowed myself to do work that was not my passion, and  not where my greatest contribution is made. Is the work your doing in alignment with your greatest contribution?

Milton Glaser’s rule

There are few illustrators who have a more recognizable look (and a longer productive career) than Milton Glaser.

Here’s the thing: When he started out, he wasn’t THE Milton Glaser. He was some guy hoping for work.

The rule, then, is that you can’t give the client what he wants.

You have to give the client work that you want your name on. Work that’s part of the arc. Work that reflects your vision, your contribution and your hand.

That makes it really difficult at first. Almost impossible. But if you ignore this rule because the pressure is on, it will never get easier.


Clearly choose where you want to be making your contribution, then find the customers who wants and needs that.